Mar 1, 2019

Girl Scout Cookie nails

It's Girl Scout Cookie season! This was my favorite time of the year when I was in Scouts along with platform tent camping in the fall. I felt strangely festive for it. You know where it's going.

Feb 14, 2019

Valentines Day mani featuring Nvr Enuff Roses

Long time, no see! Between getting back into dolls and pursuing weight loss surgery, nail polish is kinda on the back burner. I don't feel myself running out of passion anytime soon. I'm just not changing my polish as often lately.

For Valentines Day I decided to do a rose themed mani. What else was more perfect than Nvr Enuff Roses? It's inspiration is Tuxedo Mask, who is best known for throwing roses at enemies.

I don't wear a lot of black or super dark polish but I do love this one. Maybe it's that Sailor Moon connection? Maybe it's the shimmer? Who knows. It's just pretty. I like pretty.

The roses were reverse stamped. I'm more of the "color in the design directly on the stamper" versus "making decals on a mat" kind of person. I just can't seem to get the mat method down. Luckily I have enough stampers to make enough for a hand at a time. I'm pleased at how vibrant that the roses are against the dark background.

What was your Valentines Day mani?

Items Used:
Base Polish: Nvr Enuff Roses
Stamping Polish: Cirque Colors Momento Mori
Red Polish: Sally Hansen Insta Dri x Crayola Scarlet
Stamping Plate: Pueen Nature Lovers 02

Jan 22, 2019

Supermoon Lacquer Moon Healing Escalation

I didn't do much Black Friday shopping this past year. Definitely didn't do much of that "treat yo self" BF shopping either. Only bought one polish, and that was from the Supermoon Lacquer sale. There was only one Moon Healing Escalation for sale, and I had the fastest ninja fingers. I was amazed I was the lucky snagger, as owner Mardi called me!

Jan 14, 2019

Essie Valentines Day 2019 collection swatches and reviews

I was recently looking in the holiday section of my local Target when I noticed this Essie display. They had the cutest shrink wrap designs on the bottles! I grabbed all six immediately.

This limited edition collection is a mix of finishes. Half of the collection is glitter and most are toppers, however. The brushes are the new wider Essie brushes that were previously only found in Europe. I much prefer this brush to the older forms. I think the thinner brushes made the polishes streakier to me. Consequently I rarely bought Essie polishes.

All swatches include glossy top coat and matte top coated accent nails. All glitters are also over black and white to see how they look that way.

Jan 10, 2019

Happy 90th birthday, Tintin!

I'll admit that this is a last second entry. I was wearing OPI's Mermaid Tears on its own, only to be reminded that today is Tintin's birthday. Not just that, but the character (and series)'s 90th birthday/anniversary! The big 9-0 for one of my favorite comics! Wow! After a couple minutes of consideration I broke out my paints and brushes and painted Tintin and Snowy, his dog.

They looked better before topcoating, trust me. The paint looked dry, I swear. Wait, wait, wait with acrylic before topcoating. Otherwise your Tintin needs a future visit to Doctor Pimple Popper.

Items Used
Base Color: OPI Mermaid's Tears
Tintin and Snowy: acrylic paint